Mar 21, 2010

Fabric Diaper Wipe Tutorial

One night I babysat for my neighbor, and she had this adorable diaper wipe case.  I thought, “I can make this” so I looked online and found a few blogs with instructions.

                                DSCF0840All I needed was some batting ,  some cute felt like material, and a diaper wipe case.
1) First trace around the diaper wipe caseto get the pattern, cut out fabric and batting, then glue batting to top and bottom of case.                          
2) start at back and glue on fabric, 3) pull tight and glue fabric to front of case, then around the sides. 4) Trim fabric with scissors if needed, 5)then glue ribbon all around the top and bottom edge.  Presto…YOU’RE DONE!
My friend Tami even came over this afternoon and made one for her grandson out of the cute animal print below.  Forgot to snap a photo of her finished product.                                        DSCF0844
If you want, you can make a cute butterfly by looping the ribbon 2x and then hot gluing it to the top of the case.  then cut about 1 1/2 inch body and glue over the looped ‘wings’.  I also used a little piece of ribbon to make antennae…which you can’t really see in the picture.  Turned out really cute…and Tami wants to come back next week for another craft!DSCF0832 DSCF0833

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