Jun 25, 2010

One Cure for Summer Boredom….

Picture a perfect summer evening.  After 2 1/2 hours at Jake’s practice, I decided it was the perfect time to start a project I had in the garage so started refinishing a bench for my class.  I sanded it down with a hand sander and pulled out the paint.  The boys were bored….so I asked if they wanted to help paint.  Will, our neighbor jumped right up and said “yes”!  It was so funny because he couldn’t wait to get going with the roller brush.  I put them ALL to work and had the bench painted in no time at all. 


I didn’t get a photo of it, but Jake sat on the bench a bit to soon and painted the back of his shirt and shorts to match the bench…Great!!!


 DSCF1130 DSCF1131


Will, Jake, and Austin hard at work.


The finished product (and just figured out how to do the watermark with the blog logo).

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